Monday, February 13, 2012

The TradesCast for Week 7 - Feb. 12, 2012

Obviously, you can't have a cast this week without talking Whitney. Yes, it's sad. But we don't want any crocodile tears from people who have been making fun of her for the last decade or so. She was a wreck. But before the voice went, she sure could sing.

Her death meant big ratings for the Grammys, and we discuss all aspects of the show.

Also, we delve deep into the dark recesses of vocal frying. What is it? Tune it to find out.

Valentine's Day weekend means dates, and young single ladies want a tearjerker--it shows in this week's box office.

And what podcast would be complete without some Oprah talk. We hate to say it folks, but she's sounding desperate.

All that and more from Jeff and Gina, so have a listen... and don't forget to send us a Valentine's Day card!

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