Sunday, August 14, 2011

The TradesCast for Week 33 - August 14, 2011

If you enjoyed meeting our first new co-host, Gina Favre, last week, then we're sure you will appreciate the insight of Tom Moss, who will appear every other week. Tom's knowledge of the entertainment world, mixed with his dry sense of humor, is a treat.

The George Lopez "dump" by TBS leads the headlines this week, and we discuss whether his ratings issue is directly related to Conan. After all, Conan moved Lopez out of his original slot.

We're going to miss Borders, and may have to start going to back to the library, which we hear still exists. But for some reason book sales keep going up. Is it all e-publishing, or is something else going on?

The Apes keep drawing a crowd, but here comes a couple of reboots - Conan and Fright Night - to take a shot at the box office crown.

And what happened to Johnny Depp's long-awaited vehicle, The Lone Ranger?

All this and more!

The Trades Cast For Week 32 - August 14, 2011

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